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Skin Wounds: Common Health Concerns

Atlanta City Pharmacy: Compounding & Wellness has recognized how often pressure sores and skin wounds have troubled people. If you are one of those who are suffering from hard-to-heal wounds, our custom compounding solutions may be right for you.

Some of the reasons why wounds do not heal easily are aging, being bedridden, illness and immobility. Weight bearing areas are commonly the ones subjected to hard-to-heal wounds, often without relief. Other factors that can also affect wound healing would include age, nutritional status and weight.

Treating Your Skin Wounds

There are several ways in which we can treat your skin wounds. One is to improve mobility so that pressure sores can be relieved. Improving the nutrition of the client by increasing collagen and Vitamin C intake, for instance, may also work. Topical medications can also be applied to the respective wounded areas.

Solutions for Skin Wounds: The Atlanta City Pharmacy: Compounding & Wellness Way

Our compounded medications are beneficial to the recipients for the following reasons:

  • Stimulation of new tissue growth
  • Reduction of pain
  • Minimizing the overgrowth of bacteria

Other ways in which our medications can help is when they are applied to the surrounding areas of the wounds. Doing so will help promote better blood flow which therefore hastens the healing process. These medications can be offered to those who have poor circulation problems, even if they do not have wounds, as long as they have prescriptions to do so.

Atlanta City Pharmacy: Compounding & Wellness will assist you not just in healing your difficult wounds but also in preventing them. With our expertise in creating customized medications, we can help you develop the right solutions to your would related problems!