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Atlanta Compounding Pharmacy offers a comprehensive Saliva Hormone Test Kit which is useful for determining hormone levels. This test is a pre requisite for any hormonal therapy, and will therefore require the assistance of a BHRT physician.

Our Saliva Hormone Test is both cost-effective and convenient. It guarantees:

  • Privacy as collection will be done at home
  • Zero pain
  • Accuracy both for men and women

Saliva Hormone Testing is available for the following hormones:

Estrogens (Estriol, Estradiol, Estrone): Estrogen imbalance is linked to menopause symptoms or reproductive system disorders.

Progesterone: Progesterone imbalance is linked to menopause symptoms or reproductive system disorders.

Testosterone: Results can be indicative of muscle and bone conditions, excessive hair growth or hair loss, or lower libido.

DHEA: Results may be indicative of male hormone deficiency or excess, insulin resistance, stress levels and mental acuity.

Cortisol: Results may reflect adrenal disorders, sleeping difficulty, and fatigue

Thyroid: Thyroid conditions may show the body’s ability to convert oxygen and calories into energy, which leads to sluggishness and fatigue

Saliva Hormone Testing can also be done for GI purposes.

Hormonal Health Is Relevant to the Improvement of Our Quality of Life

Hormones are very influential on how our body works. They serve as catalysts for numerous functions and control areas such as sex drive, reproductive health, emotional balance and overall energy levels. In short, they are relevant in regulatory mechanisms.

Because of the importance of hormones, they are often subjected to tests whenever a medical complaint arises. When hormonal imbalance is detected, your physician can work with our compounding pharmacist in formulating the best solution in the form of an appropriate Bio-Idential Hormonal Therapy.

Keeping hormones in complete balance is a must in the achievement of overall health. Both males and females should make it a habit to have their hormone levels checked. Give us a call at 404-590-3785 for more information.

Challenges to the Intake of Medicine for Children

Children may not be the friendliest age group that responds to the solutions medicine provides. Some children may experience allergies to a certain drug, others are not suited to the flavor of the liquid medicine, or maybe the child has a hard time taking the medication altogether. Apart from that, numerous medicines do not provide labels for child intake. If the drug has not been cleared for use f toddlers or babies, it is not made available for intake.

Customized Medication Answers to Children

Atlanta Compounding Pharmacy wants your child to live healthily and fully through the formulation of medication that coincides with the youth’s drug partiality. Compounded medication greatly helps when your child accepts it and gets accustomed to taking it, which means the lesser the disinclination, the lesser loss in medication.