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Most pharmacies today are seen as mere medicine dispensers, a place where we get what our physicians prescribe us to get. But when we have questions about our medications, our prescriptions, and even our ordinary health issues that involve the use of medicines and drugs, there is no better resource to get professional information than from our community pharmacists. At Atlanta City Pharmacy: Compounding & Wellness, we strive to cope with changes in the pharmacy revolution while keeping our conventional services intact considered to be indispensable. Aside from compounding, we offer Medication Therapy Management (MTM) – a specialty pharmacy service that aims to enhance and foster fast recovery by maximizing the use of medications and drugs.

Medication Review
Reviewing the patient’s medication history to diagnose specific areas for improvement and discretion is the initial process of Medication Therapy Management (MTM). It is done with the collaboration of your caregivers, your personal doctor, and, as much as possible, you.
The results of the medication review will determine the goals to be met, the direction of the plan, and the necessary factors that could bring forth changes and how to deal with them. It may directly include assessment of your overall health, your body’s responses to determined external medical intrusions, your immunity, and tolerance to maximum dosages and other medication-related risks.

MTM Planning
Drafting an MTM plan is a crucial part of the process. This is why we get as much information as possible for the outcome to be more direct and effective. Professionals will work around creating a very personal plan that is tailor-fitted to your required needs based on your medical profile on record. This plan will entail the list of medications and medicines, their dosage, schedule of administration, length of the therapy, and more. The plan will be resounded to your caregivers and health providers to be properly coordinated.

Plan Implementation
The content of the plan is realized and to ensure that they are carried out, your network of caregivers will work hand in hand. You may have a home healthcare service that includes medication reminders, our pharmacists will do regular pre-appointment for refills, and we will consistently monitor your adherence to the plan.

Reassessment and Plan Evaluation
The reassessment is not done at the near end of the process. Instead, they are regularly performed to determine your counter-reaction to the plan in order to figure out the efficacy of the treatment. Your results will give us the data to either reinforce the initiated plan or re-create a new one. It’s a continuous process and modifications will be done as necessary based solely on your individual health and preferences.

Seek the Atlanta City Pharmacy: Compounding & Wellness experts for your MTM needs. If you have questions about this service, kindly contact us at 404-590-3785 and our staff will get back to you for immediate assistance.