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Atlanta City Pharmacy: Compounding & Wellness understands that many parents experience a hard time when it comes to making their children intake medicine they dislike. And it can be more challenging in cases when the child concerned is an autistic patient.
Being a responsive parent, you learn to handle exhibited behaviors and actions your child makes such as swallowing, drinking , tasting or eating. Depending on your child, it is going to take patience, trials and new learnings to find the medication that suits him/her best.

Atlanta City Pharmacy: Compounding & Wellness specializes in compounding medication that responds to the needs of your child going through autism. We complement our solutions to what your child necessitates.

We can create compounds of the following:

  • Suppositories
  • Suspensions
  • Capsules
  • Transdermal Creams

We understand that a child with autism may experience adverse effects resulting from certain types of food or medical formulations. We too formulize doctor recommended prescriptions that are free from harmful allergens that could affect the child such as gluten, wheat, casein, sugar or yeast.

Atlanta City Pharmacy: Compounding & Wellness knows the challenges of provisioning medication to an autistic child. Antifungals, chelation agents, antibiotics are just some of these posing negative effects.

Please give us a call at 404-590-3785. We will work with you, creating specialized compounded medication that is beneficial for your child.